Nothing much

Wow.  I just watched about a minute of The Secret Life of an American Teenager (this is the ABC Family show about a pregnant teenager (Molly Ringwald is her mother)).  That is some seriously bad acting on the part of the pregnant teen and her friend (sister? boyfriend’s sister?  I’m not sure who she was, actually).

Not a lot happened today.  It’s Monday.  I’ve decided to officially start worrying about work and money.  Nothing has changed, but I was worrying anyway while feeling like I shouldn’t.  I don’t need the guilt.  🙂  For now, though, I’m not going to worry or feel guilty about it.  I’m just gonna read.


  1. Shifty1975

    Yo! I made it. Love the blog, I laugh, I cry, sometimes I even read it. Have a suggestion, though, bookworm. Put another section on here for your favorite books, lists of the last 10 you’ve read, last 10 movies you saw, what you recommend, etc. Put that wish list you mentioned on here so people can get you stuff! It’s like your own personal post-wedding registry. love you.

  2. momma betty

    How do you “officially” start worrying? Do you set aside a specific amount of time dedicated to worrying? And do you separate the worry about work from the worry about money? I think “worry” is just another word for problem-solving. Most people think worry is pointless, but if you don’t “worry” (think) about problems, how can you ever solve them? So to those who say worrying doesn’t help a situation, I say bullshit. I don’t worry; I solve problems.

  3. Zannah

    Corey, that’s a great idea. I have a (very) long weekend coming up, and I will probably do just that. Thanks!

    And Mom, the only thing that makes my worrying official is that I no longer feel guilty about it. Also, I’m doing just what you’re describing. Now that I am worrying on the clock (so to speak), I can start reducing those worries by fixing what’s immediately fixable.

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