Obama and paper towel tubes

Last night I said I was going to read instead of watch TV.  Turns out I lied (not on purpose, I swear).  But I wasn’t watching crap TV, honest.  It was Obama’s first prime-time new conference!  Three weeks into his first time (not nine months), intelligent, coherent, thoughtful, and reasonable.  What else can you ask for?  He can’t fix everything, and he certainly can’t do it righthisminute, but only crazy people expect that.  I expect him to make the right decisions, not just the quick decisions.  And he knows this stimulus package may not be perfect, but if we wait forever for the perfect bill, where will we be when it finally passes?

Anyway, I like him.  🙂

I gave Roxy the BEST TOY EVER tonight, judging by her reaction to it.  I’ll regret it later, I’m sure.  I was putting a new roll of paper towels on the stand when I saw her sitting intensely at my feet.  (You’ve all seen a dog sit intensely: ears perked up, tail wagging furiously, whole body quivering with the effort of sitting rather than jumping.  That was Roxy a few minutes ago.)  What on earth could she want?  I mean, aside from the empty cardboard tube I was waving around in my free hand.  Oh.  Right.  So I gave it to her.  She’s thrilled.  She’s ripping it to pieces (which is why I will regret it) and throwing them around the living room.  So far I’ve only had to rescue pieces for her from under the chair twice.


  1. momma betty

    Obama: I was nervous for him as I was watching the press conference. I thought he was being so professorial! But then, isn’t that so much better than what we had before? Anyway, this economic crisis freaks me out. The stories of The Depression that my parents lived through as children keep echoing in my mind. I realize that I’m not concerned for my immediate family as much as I am for the country, the world.

    Daisy’s favorite toy has always been the empty toilet paper tube. She can sniff one out from a trash can with other stuff piled on top. She also can tell when a roll is near the end: she goes and barks at the roller when it’s just a few rolls from the end. Is this a super dog power?

  2. Jessica

    Lucky has a thing for kleenex and toilet paper. He doesn’t seem interested in the rolls, he just wants to tear the paper into pieces and leave them scattered on the floor for me to find when I come out of the bedroom in the morning.

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