We bought a toilet today! Also, baby geese.

That’s a first for us.  We realized we couldn’t just replace the tank (no one carries Briggs toilets, apparently), so we bought a whole new toilet before work this morning.  We’ve been home for almost two hours, and John has spent that whole time trying to install it.  Of course, it shouldn’t be taking him that long, but this is not his fault.  We can’t get a watertight seal.  We need a thicker wax seal or something, and we definitely need longer bolts.  So maybe tomorrow we’ll have a working toilet in the hall bathroom upstairs.  Maybe.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…..

BABY GEESE!  Well, they’re more like teenage geese by now.  I saw them as we were leaving work today and pulled over so I could take pictures.  Because, yes, I am still carrying my camera around.  They’re not the greatest pictures ’cause every time I tried to get close, the adult geese started to charge.  Mouths open.  That’s a little scary.

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  1. Jessica

    I had a goose charge at me once, mouth open, wings (very large wings) flapping. It never really got close enough to do anything to me, but I was upset because I’d gone out of my way to be polite. Chuck and I were out for a walk, passed these two geese and I said something along the lines of “Good evening, ladies.” And one of them hissed at me (while flapping large wings).

    It didn’t occur to me later that perhaps it wasn’t a female goose.

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