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This week has been kind of a disaster.  All minor disasters, but nothing has been going as planned.  And that drives me crazy.  I mean, there was the toilet thing Sunday night, followed by John’s trip to the ER, and then Roxy had a seizure in the middle of the night, so we slept in Monday morning instead of getting up to run.  We were up late Monday night (11:30 or so) because we had band rehearsal (which went really well, actually), and then we got up early to run Tuesday morning.  We were up late Tuesday night replacing the toilet, which I think is why we were too tired to run Wednesday morning, and then last night we were up late cleaning and stuff, and rather than run this morning, we got up relatively early to finish cleaning.

So not enough sleep, very little exercise, and lots of scrambling to get things done in between.  This is not a recipe for a good week.  And on top of that, today feels like a Friday.  Now that’s just not fair.  On the other hand, I get to leave work early today to go pick up Mom and Dad from the airport.

Our only plans for this weekend with Mom and Dad revolve around eating.  I have no idea what we’re going to do when we’re not having dinner, but I’m sure we can figure that out.  Mom really wants to go to The Melting Pot, so I called last week and made a reservation for tomorrow night.  They can do gluten-free, and when I spoke to them before Mom and Dad left for France, they told me we should get a two-burner table.  So I called last week, and the woman I spoke to told me she couldn’t guarantee me a two-burner table on Friday night because those are busy nights.  So what’s the point of the reservation?  I asked her how the gluten-free thing would work if we were at a one-burner table, and she told me that the second pot would come out after we’re done with the first.  So Dad would not be eating at the same time as the rest of us.  Totally ridiculous, and there’s no way we’re doing that.  She was not helpful at all.  Basically, I can call ahead, maybe an hour before the reservation, to see how likely it is we’ll get a two-burner table, at which point we could decide whether or not we were going.  I was telling Corey about it this morning, and he wondered why I didn’t talk to a manager.  I have no idea.  I usually don’t hesitate to call customer service foul, but it didn’t even occur to me.  Duh.  Anyway, I called to confirm the reservation this afternoon, with that in mind.  I talked to a very nice man (Dave, I think) who confirmed our reservation, but didn’t know we were a) gluten-free and b) requesting a two-burner table.  That woman last week was completely useless.  Our reservation has been updated, and Dave assured me we will get a two-burner table.  I’ll probably still check tomorrow evening before we leave the house, but I feel better about it.

You know what else I screwed up this week?  Book club.  Again. We were supposed to meet Tuesday night to talk about Peace Like a River, and I didn’t remember until 9:45 that night (after the toilet was fixed).  Maybe I should just quit, since I haven’t been to a meeting since the first one, back in February.  Oh, and I am definitely missing the next one.  It’s on the day John and I will be going to Cambridge, MD for the corporate conference.  But speaking of book clubs, one of the events at the conference is a book club discussion.  The corporate committee came up with a list, and each employee chose a book to read.  We have discussion groups set up for one of the conference days.  I’ll be reading Dune and trying to figure out how “the lessons, issues, and/or actions of the characters could be applied to how we operate” at work.

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