I can see clearly now…

I forgot to call Mom and Dad to wish them a happy anniversary yesterday.  I called them this morning, apologized, and chatted for about half an hour.  Then I spent the rest of the day working pretty steadily.  Except for the hour I took off to go back to the eye doctor.  They got my lenses in, so I went to try them on and see the doctor.  I can see!  It’s such a big difference.  I’ve been wearing my glasses for the last few days since those other contacts were almost worse than not wearing any contacts.  I haven’t updated the prescription in my glasses yet, so that’s not perfect either, but it was a lot better.  Now, I have the contacts that actually correct for my astigmatism, and everything is clear.  But the doctor wants me to see a cornea specialist.  He thinks I might have Terrien’s Disease.  He said that could be the cause of the rapid change in my eyesight over the last two years.  I’ll google it tomorrow.

We got home from work and pretty much collapsed.  I did laundry and we watched a couple of old episodes of ER.  I never watched it when it was actually on, but John has been recording them, so I watch with him.  I like them the same way I like Law & Order.  It’s not a big deal if I miss episodes, but I enjoy them when they’re on.  Mostly.  I still think ER goes too far with the graphic medical stuff.  I don’t really like to watch those parts.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  Getting up early to take the dogs to the kennel, then get the oil changed in the car.  Then to work, and we’ll be there until 6pm at least.  Then we’ll hit the road to go to John’s parents’ house.  Three hours under normal conditions, but probably longer since we’ll hit the tail end of rush hour.  But today was a good day at work, so hopefully tomorrow will be, too.

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