Typing is hard…

…when your ring finger is wrapped in a band-aid.  It’s huge, and I keep hitting extra keys.  I don’t really need the band-aid anymore, but the tip of the finger is still really sensitive, and typing actually hurts without it.  So I guess I do need the band-aid.

This weekend it was my turn to slice my finger.  John and I drove to PA after work Friday night.  We got there about 10:30, and I cut my finger on something in trunk when I reached for my bag.  Didn’t hurt all that much, but it got my attention when blood started dripping down my hand.  We were still outside (and it was very dark), so I couldn’t see the cut at all.  Anyway, I somehow managed to slice the tip of my finger.  I still don’t know on what.  But it’s been a pain in the butt and it’s taking too long to heal.

The weekend was fun.  Lots of driving, but that part wasn’t so bad.  We drove to and from Long Island with Emily and Molly in the backseat.  It was fun.

John and I took yesterday off from work so we could have a day to ourselves and get some stuff done.  We tackled the first part of the basement, took care of the yard, and I got a pedicure.  I was overdue for that.  We watched In America Sunday night.  That was a sweet movie.  We had no sense of what kind of movie it was supposed to be, so we kept waiting for truly awful things to happen.  I guess I thought it was supposed to be a depressing movie.  Not sure why.

Too hard to type.  I’m fixing too many typos.  I quit.

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