The wallpaper is gone.

Today, I finished stripping the wallpaper and took the pictures and blinds down.  John showed me how to spackle the holes and stuff, so that’s what will take me all day tomorrow.  I also mailed chestnuts to John’s mom, went to the bank, bought a dress for Saturday’s office holiday party, and found two options for taking care of the dogs over Christmas.  (I’m reminding myself why I shouldn’t feel guilty for not finishing the wallpaper until after dinner.)

Anyway, tired and going to bed.

Wait – I finished Her Fearful Symmetry yesterday.  I just tried to write something about it, but since I don’t want to give away the story, everything I wrote was vague.  Mom, Jess, call me and we’ll talk.


  1. momma betty

    Sounds like a very busy day. Did you decide on a color yet? Isn’t it amazing how much stuff there is to do aside from working for a living?

  2. Zannah

    The color issue will be decided by tomorrow, I hope. I have to spackle today, and I should get the samples on the wall before today is over.

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