Dining Room Makeover, Part II

Sanding sucks.  My arms are very tired.  And I’m not done.  But there are paint samples on the wall, so I’m making progress.  I think I know which one I want, too, but John needs to see them first.  As long as he doesn’t hate the one I like, we’re fine.

No pictures today (because I don’t want to show you my splotchy walls).

I don’t have much to say today.  Except that the more I think about it, the unhappier I am with Her Fearful Symmetry.  I don’t think I would read it again.  I enjoyed the journey the first time, but thinking back on it (and talking it out with Mom) made me think of all the unnecessary plot contrivances.  Maybe not unnecessary, but not very well done, I think.  Things don’t add up.


  1. momma betty

    That sort of sounds like I talked you out of liking it! But I think I liked it better than you did. Our server (KCTCS) has been down for over 24 hours, a victim of “denial-of-server attacks.” Wow, some ticked-off students managed to hack the system feeding more than 125,000 students? Surely, not.

    with a final posted

  2. Jessica

    I was going to call you tonight to discuss the book, but my phone died while I was talking to Mom about my new thesis idea (see blog…wait, the blog doesn’t cover everything because I came up with an idea after I’d updated the blog…so I’ll update the blog again…in which case, “see the blog” still stands. Whew.)

    Anyway, I’ll probably call you Sunday afternoon or evening if you’re around. Chuck leaves for school early in the afternoon so it will just be me and the cats. And the Christmas tree.

  3. Zannah

    Mom, you certainly didn’t talk me out of liking the book. I did like it, to a point. And then I didn’t like where it went. It made me dislike certain characters more than I already did. Or dislike them in a different way.

    And Jess, call me Sunday. I’ll be around. And I’ll go check out the blog tonight.

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