Not inspired

I hate when this happens, but I’m just not inspired to write much tonight.  John is in the basement with the band, auditioning a bass player (who, based on an introduction and about 15 seconds of eavesdropping while they got stuff out of his car, seems like a perfectly nice, normal person), so it’s hard to concentrate.  I’ve been trying to read through a few blogs I’ve bookmarked to see if I want to keep reading them, but it’s hard to tell when all I can hear is Lloyd singing “I used to love her, but I had to kill her”.  Kind of distracting.  And the dogs are demanding attention in ways that make it difficult to type.  Roxy keeps licking my hands and Riley was pawing at me.  I played with them a little, but that wasn’t enough, apparently.  They’re outside now.

Oh, I gave up on Bodily Harm.  Nothing was happening.  I need plot.  This is not to say I’m giving up on Margaret Atwood.  Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood, or maybe I’d like another one better.  I refuse to believe The Handmaid’s Tale was a fluke.  ‘Cause that’s just not fair.  When I really like a book by an author, I want to read everything they’ve written.  And I expect to like it.  So I’m a little disappointed.  But speaking of reading everything an author has written, my fallback  once I decided to give up the Atwood book was to read a new(ish) Orson Scott Card book.  So I’m very happy.  🙂

From what I can hear, the (possibly) new bass player sounds really good.  We’ll have to see what the guys think about how he fits in.  That’s my favorite part.  I love gossip.


  1. Jessica

    I read almost everything Margaret Atwood had written (at the time) when I was in college. It’s great writing, but most of it is a bit depressing. I was dark and tragic and filled with angst at the time, so it suited me. But I haven’t reread anything of hers since (although I have many many books and have frequently thought of rereading them.) So that might explain why you’re not getting into them. There’s definitely a mood required. Not depression, but at least a willingness to look at the dark side of humans. It seems the older I get, the less willing I am to look.

  2. Zannah

    Jess, you’re probably right. And while I’m not really against reading something that’s on the depressing side, I still need plot movement. Bodily Harm probably has some at some point, but I didn’t get there.

    Chris, I started Ender in Exile last night. Do you read his stuff?

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