A bunch of links and a song

You go, Roger EbertThis article moves along really quickly (short, to-the-point sentences, unlike most of mine), and the pictures of scary weather patterns add to the sense of urgency.  I flew through this article and it set my pulse a-pounding.  A little bit.

I love these drawings/paintings by Rob Gonsalves.  They’re all optical illusions and they all hold up after multiple viewings.  I like the theme of the third one (of course I do), but some of the ones further down the page are amazing.

If you have ever watched a major dog show in TV (or Best In Show on DVD), you will probably find this as funny as I did.

Not a video this time, just pictures, but check out some of these rooms!  I’m not crazy about the antlers hanging from the ceiling, but check out the kitchen at the bottom of the post!  Love it.

John’s midterm was tonight.  He didn’t feel all that confident about it this morning, but he just called and, except for one question that everyone in the class seemed to have issues with, he thinks he did okay.  (That looks oddly punctuated.  I’m leaving it.)    And he’s on his way home early.  I said something to that effect last night, that he might be able to come early, but I totally meant that he takes tests quickly.  Not that it wouldn’t take him very long to write down everything he knows.  🙂  But that’s how it sounded.

Okay, one more link and then I’m done for the night.  I’m watching West Side Story on TCM.  I love everything about “America” (the opening lines get stuck in my head for days), but my favorite favorite part is at 3:52 in the video here when Anita and her friend sort of flounce over to the guys to sing the next part.  The flouncing cracks me up.


  1. Women of Westminster–Hil-freaking-larious. Every time I see the Norich Terrier, all I can think of is Best in Show. 🙂 Cool illusions link. And who doesn’t love themselves some West Side Story? My fave from that scene is “I know a boat you can get on… bye bye!”

  2. Zannah

    That is a good line. I didn’t get to watch anything after that song ’cause apparently my DVR thinks it’s more important to record Lost and Southland at the same time.

  3. mel

    Call it Davey Rosenthal. Yes, your DVR is Jewish. Put a yamuka on top of it. Be careful though; it might not record cooking shows if they use bacon.

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