Someday I should be prepared for the Oscars

It’s Oscar Night, so I might as well talk about it, right?  But first, I have to see who’s nominated and find out if I even saw any of these movies.  Last year, I hadn’t seen a single Oscar-nominated movie by the time the awards rolled around.

Okay, I’ve checked.  Of movies that were either nominated for themselves or had an actor nominated, I’ve seen Avatar (liked it, but for a technical category, not Best Picture.  I mean, come on, it was a 3D remake of Ferngully: The Last Rainforest!), Julie & Julia, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Soooo, none of the really good ones.

We’ll watch the beginning for Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, but that’s about it.  I’ll check out the highlights online tomorrow.  We’re going to spend our evening finishing Batman Begins (we got too sleepy to finish it last night) with pizza (and maybe wine – classy, I know).

Oh, we caught up on Lost this morning over breakfast, so Mom, Dad, Mindy, call me tomorrow and we’ll chat.


  1. mel

    Hm, missed the opp to dish about lost, gonna be too busy tomorrow. On the Oscars, I’m never prepared. If it hasn’t come out on DVD yet, I haven’t seen it. And I probably haven’t seen it even if it has because Mark keeps moving weird foreign movies to the top of our queue. I just remember watching the Oscars oh-so-many years ago at C&C’s in LA and they had little cards to fill out to make our predictions. That’s way more than we would ever do. Oh, btw, didn’t watch it anyway. How were Alec and Steve?

  2. Zannah

    Not that funny, actually. No, they were funny, but they were clearly reading off cue cards and the timing was a little off.

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