1. Poor pup! How often does she have seizures? We used to walk the dogs together every morning before work. It was a nice chance to chat. My, how our poor dogs (now singular) took a back seat when the kids arrived… :\

  2. Zannah

    She used to have about one a month, but since last May, they’ve been happening more often, they’re more likely to be cluster seizures, and she tends to have another one about 12 hours after the first. Then we’ll go a few weeks without one. She’s almost 7 and has been having them since she was a year old. Thankfully, she has no idea once she’s recovered and she acts like a (mostly) normal dog. Right now, for example, she’s sweeping the floor with her tongue looking for rice we might have dropped during dinner. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Zannah. I came back to read up on Roxy’s seizures and found your comments to your mom. Nice that your mom reads your blog! I don’t even think mine remembers how to find mine, though she is frequently fodder for posts, so maybe it’s just as well sometimes. 😉 So sorry your dog has a rough go of things, but I guess it’s some consolation that she doesn’t seem to remember what happened.

  4. Zannah

    If I had any sense that Roxy was developing a fear of convulsing or something, I’d be a basketcase. Though I have no idea how she’d display that kind of behavior – it’s not like a fear of something concrete. No, as soon as her recovery period is over, she acts like it never happened. And hard as it is, that makes it much easier for us.

    I don’t know what I’d do if Mom didn’t read my blog. Sometimes she’s my only commenter! 🙂

  5. mel

    I’m getting better at commenting. Thank Santa for RSS Feeds!

    Requisite “poor Roxy” comment inserted here (though I do mean it sincerely).

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