I’m defective

It’s a beautiful warm wonderful spring day.  And I’m afraid to go outside or open the window.  The tree pollen count is high and I’m as congested as can be.  My nose, my sinuses, my ears, my throat…can I get replacement, non-defective parts for every part of me above the shoulders?  I’ve taken a steamy bath, I’ve tried a neti pot (which wasn’t so bad, but didn’t help), and I’m already taking my medicine.  I’m trying Tylenol Cold on top of that.

I had plans today.  I was going to run, walk the dogs, take them to the dog park…not happening.  John is cleaning out the garage.  I’m working on being a little less miserable.


  1. Zannah

    Yuck, Greg, I can’t believe you found video of that. Although it could have been worse. And of COURSE you can find video of that. Thanks for sharing!

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