Lying to your kids and the dog park (not related)

I went for a long run this morning – yeah, this morning.  It was awesome.  I don’t have to be downtown most Fridays, so I enjoyed sleeping until 6:30, running in the cool morning breeze, and watching the sun rise.  More like squinting ’cause the sun wasn’t high enough for the brim of my hat to block it.  But it was nice.  On my way back, while trudging up the hill to the house, I saw my across-the-street neighbors packing the trunk of their big SUV.  I asked (unnecessarily, ’cause duh) if they were going away for the weekend, or, after a glance at the overstuffed car, a year (like I can talk).  Mr. Neighbor, rather than half-shouting his response across the street like a normal person would, walked over to me and told me, in a low voice, that they’re taking the girls camping, but first, they’re going to surprise them with a day at King’s Dominion.  Now that is a very cool surprise.  And from the look on the teenager’s face as she put her stuff in the car, she’s going to be way happier about the day at the amusement park than the camping.

John got stuck in horrible traffic on his way home from work, so I took the dogs to the dog park around 6:30.  Riley had a wonderful time, as usual, and Roxy stuck to my heels like she was glued there, as usual.  I met a nice family who’d just adopted an adorable dog.  The dog is about a year and a half, a rescue, and the prettiest little thing.  She’s about Roxy’s size, black all over, with long, thick, golden retriever-ish fur.  They adopted her last Saturday and this was their first time with her at the dog park.  They (mother, grandmother, daughter, son) were all really nice.  I’d like to run into them again sometime.