Donating for lazy people (like me!)

You know what I love?  Charities that pick up from your doorstep.  Since we moved to this house, we get regular calls from AMVETS, Purple Heart, and the National Children’s Center (NCC) telling us they’ll be in our neighborhood on a certain day and asking if we have anything to donate.  I ALWAYS say yes, and then when they call with a reminder the day before, I spend that night (sometimes the next morning before work) scrambling to find things to donate.  It’s never hard (okay, sometimes it’s hard), and I love it because it forces me to reevaluate everything in the house.  Especially the closet.  (Also, you know, it’s good to donate.  If you want to be all altruistic and stuff.)  The only time it becomes a problem is when I say yes to both Purple Heart and NCC and then realize they’re coming by on consecutive days.  So I had to make sure I had least two bags’ worth of stuff, so I could put one bag out this morning for Purple Heart and another one out tomorrow morning for NCC.

If you’re interested in something totally unrelated, you should check out I Am Bossy.  Have you been watching Bossy’s (no) book tour across the country?  She’s crazy.  And funny.  (I overuse the word “hilarious”.  I’m aware of this.)  And she’s met Jenny (The Bloggess) twice, I think.  I think that would be awesome.