The marathon is not why we were here

One of the legs of the Pittsburgh Marathon is right outside our hotel room, and we have a great view from our window, so John and I are watching as we take turns showering, packing, etc, before we check out.  The pep band from one of the local universities (I can’t tell which one) is set up right on on the route, so I can hear all the standard pep band songs (“Louie, Louie”, “Another One Bites the Dust”, “Axel F”, plus a few extras (like the theme from Futurama – I could swear I heard that one a few minutes ago).  The rain is pouring down, which would explain why we’re watching from our hotel room and not from the sidelines, but now I’m thinking about volunteering to help out at local races.  Particularly the longer ones, the ones I have no interest in running in myself.  🙂

Hitting the road soon.

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