Rain. And herbs.

Today would have been better spent in bed.  It was POURing down rain when I came downstairs after my shower this morning, and it took everything I had not to run back upstairs.  Not that it was a bad day.  I just don’t feel like I’m having any good days lately.  And that’s SO not true, I know it isn’t, but it feels like it sometimes.

That’s WAY too depressing.  It’s on the verge of too depressing to post, but I see no reason to censor myself.  On that subject, anyway.

I think I might start an herb garden.  In a pot or a windowsill planter or something.  We bought fresh basil from the store yesterday, and it smells really good.  What herbs should I plant, though?  I need to look into this.  Tomorrow.  After I sleep.


  1. BASIL! We have better luck with it planted in the ground, though. The plant gets huge that way. I use sage and rosemary a lot, so I’ll be growing those this year. Parsley is a good one to grow as well. I love fresh herbs!

  2. momma betty

    Wombat is right about basil. It’s wonderful and you’ll always have it on hand for your caprese salads. You can grow it in a pot, but you’ll find that you use it so much, your plant will have to take some time off to regrow. You could have 2 or three pots on your window sill. Rosemary is a must. If you buy it in a big pot, you can bring it inside for the winter and have it all year long. In our climate (yours and mine), it sometimes survives the winter in the ground, sometimes not. Parsley and cilantro are easy and pretty, but you might have to fight the bunnies for it. Oregano is good, too, and there are several kinds.

  3. Zannah

    I lost the fight with the bunnies over my black-eyed susans, so I’ll probably stick to pots. Parsley, oregano, rosemary…got it. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Thyme. I use it in almost everything. When I cook. Which isn’t often anymore. But when I did, I used a lot of thyme.

  5. Zannah

    I don’t think I even know what thyme smells like. Or tastes like. I should find some and check it out. (Two and a half glasses of wine don’t help me spell. That was WAY too hard to type.)

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