No more Facebook for me

That’s not all that difficult for me, since I only went there if I got an email prompting me to, but I read this today (got there from hereNN.c is one of my daily blogs, but with no time to mess around on the Internet at work anymore (having my computer screen projected onto a big white wall while teaching a class makes it pretty much impossible to get away with anything not work-related), it’s been harder for me to visit regularly.  Also, I’m a little intimidated by the regular readers/commenters.  Their comments are never inane.), and I was convinced to delete my account.  So I’m in the two-week waiting period.  If I log in during the next two weeks, my account will be re-activated and I’ll have to delete it again.  Pain in the ass.

That aside, I spent most of today feeling pretty good because I was wearing a CUTE OUTFIT.  CUTE OUTFITS are known for their ability to inspire confidence and all manner of good vibes and other happiness-related goodness, and I highly recommend finding yourself one.  Or five.  Or a hundred.  Right now, I’m at…maybe two.  Today’s CUTE OUTFIT involved a dark grey pencil skirt and a plum-colored tank top and cardigan.  All from Ann Taylor, bought last December when I went shopping with Mom and her friends.

While checking out my other daily blogs (otherwise known as Blogs I Really Want To Check Out Daily, But Don’t Always Make It To, or BIRWTCOD,BDAMIT – appropriately, the acronym ends with “damit”), I found this house.  Wow.  Just wow.  Take a look at the Swedish houses in the posts before and after that one, too.  I need to hire a decorator make a lot money and hire a decorator win the lottery play the lottery.


  1. Ah! I didn’t know there was a 2-week waiting period. That explains why my account opened back up when I clicked the bookmark after canceling it.

    Cute outfits rock. Gotta get me one of those…

  2. momma betty

    Urge to vent: just got home from Fiesta Mexicano, opened my work email and found a note from a student in my online writing class: “I was just wondering why I don’t have some assignments graded.”

    I checked. The only assignment not graded was a paper she submitted two days ago that was due Feb. 28! So I graded it, dammit! I don’t think she’ll be pleased.

  3. Zannah

    Wombat – Good luck shopping and good luck getting rid of Facebook. I think I’ll have to add “Don’t log on to Facebook” to my calendar for the next two weeks and see if that works.

    Mom – Maybe grading when you’re irritated isn’t a good idea. 🙂 Did she ask if she could turn it in late? I think you should have knocked it down at least two grades just for being over two months late.

  4. momma betty

    I didn’t have to subtract any points for being late. She subtracted her own points by quality.

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