John and I just watched the two latest episodes of Lost (so we’re all caught up for now), and I’m a little sad.  I may have shed a couple of tears.  (Shh…don’t tell anybody.)


  1. Sandwich Stealer

    seriously, what a bloodbath, huh? Goodness gracious. Good thing sideways world is unsettlingly happy, right?

  2. ibcRandy

    Yep, it was sad. I was a little irked that they just quickly killed one of the minor characters (not saying who in case someone wants to watch it and hasn’t but is reading these comments). He was one I always liked and while he’s not a big character, you’d think he’d get more fanfare than that.

    I’m excited for the rest of the series, though I’ll be sad when it’s over. The finale got extended another half hour, bringing it to two and a half. I can’t wait!

  3. Zannah

    I’m with you on that character. He was an all-around good guy, with some good lines and I LIKED him. Not fair.

  4. Sandwich Stealer

    If we’re talking about the same guy, he might not be dead. You know how people have a strange way of surviving somehow when we don’t see their dead body…

  5. ibcRandy

    Yeah, but I listened to the podcast that the executive producers do and they touch on his death briefly. While they never explicitly said he was or was not dead, their tone suggested that he was, as if the possibility of him still being alive never even crossed their minds.

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