Things to share

I’d be a terrible host if I didn’t pass on a couple of fun things I found on my favorite sites over the last couple of days.

First, go visit Bridget and check out the video (and song) for “Tightrope”.  The rap section in the middle (short) doesn’t do anything for me, but I love the rest of it.  The dancing is fantastic.  My favorite part is around the 3:20 mark.

Second, from NN.C, this gem of a slideshow.  (Did I just call something a gem?  What decade are we living in?  I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you.  I’ll have to get my ear-trumpet.)  I can’t believe some of these are real.

Third, cake can save your life!

And fourth, the answer to “where do cursors come from?”

I don’t have anything else to share (beyond my pounding headache, and I don’t think anyone really wants to share that), so I’m going to spend the rest of the evening with my dinner, my book, and my bathtub.  Well, the hotel’s bathtub.  I didn’t bring mine with me.

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