Falling down tired

I like that phrase. Except when that’s how I feel.  Which is now.  I was fine through the day, but my energy level plummeted on the walk from the T stop to the hotel, and when I got back to my hotel room, I could barely make myself leave again.  I did, though, and I planned to grab a quick light dinner somewhere and spend some time on a park bench with my book since the weather was so nice.  I managed the first part, barely, took a walk around the block in the direction of the park, and then decided this was ridiculous.  I can’t force myself to enjoy an evening in the sunshine if all I want to do is climb into bed.  So I’m back in my room, it’s just after seven, and I plan to take a bath (I’m coming up with this plan right this very second), read, and go to bed early.  I don’t have to be at work until 8 tomorrow, which means I can wait to leave the hotel until about 7:30, which means I can get up early and run outside!  In the sunshine!  In the early morning!  When it’s early!  (Which is what I like to do.)  Hopefully, I’ll have recovered from this general malaise fatigue by then.  (I looked up malaise – it’s linked to health issues more than I originally thought.  I don’t think I have any health issues.)

Why does travel take so much out of people?  I’ve never really understood that.  Maybe when you’re in the act of traveling, but why when I’m staying in one place for so many days?  What am I doing that’s so fatiguing?  (Pronounced fat-igg-you-ing.)

More Boston travelogue tomorrow, perhaps.


  1. I get exhausted while traveling. I can drive 2 hours away and need a nap. I totally understand.

    How much longer are you going to be gone for?

  2. Zannah

    I still don’t get it, thought. The driving, yeah. That makes sense – it takes effort. And crossing time zones when flying – sure. But just sitting on a plane? Or doing the regular daily work thing, with much less of a commute and more time to myself? To do nothing? How is that exhausting? Except that it is. Maybe it’s just the stress of being away from home.

    I get to go home Friday night, and I’ll be home for a whole week this time. Then back to traveling for three weeks in a row in June (with one weekend home after the first week, just like this time). The main difference this time will be that John is going to meet me for a long weekend in the middle.

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