An aversion to work

Not work of all kinds, just the kind of work that’s paying my salary right now.  I haven’t been able to focus on work for two days straight.  And I know it’s not a general inability to concentrate since I’m perfectly capable of concentrating on just about anything that isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing from nine to five.  I do have a solution for tomorrow, though, so I’m not really worried about it.  Deadlines help, too.

You know what doesn’t help my powers of concentration?  The band.  They’re rehearsing (their next gig is this Sunday), and I can’t seem to finish a thought.

I was able to finish my book.  That was last night, though, so it doesn’t count.  (No band to compete for my attention.)  Holly sent it to me (Thanks, Holly!).  I liked it, and I plan to look for more from him (I read Breath, by Tim Winton), but the ending felt a little…off.  He brought up and quickly glossed over a lot of things right at the end that didn’t seem to be directly related to the majority of the book.  I can see how maybe everything could be pulled together, but it would take another book.  For the end to work, I felt like I needed more information about that part of his life.  And that’s what got glossed over.  But that was just the very end.


  1. momma betty

    I’m going to get that book, but I don’t think it’s on Kindle. I am reading a good book called Stiltsville. If I knew how to do it in comments I’d send you a picture. It’s set in south Florida, mostly Miami but so evocative of Florida life. I like it.

    Your problem is that you’re not doing work that you love. You’re working for the paycheck–which is necessary–but not what you want to be doing. Hurry up and end, Great Recession!

  2. Holly

    Ahhhhh, I hate crappy endings! I’ll admit I haven’t read that one yet, I started on another one of his called Dirt Music. Sorry!

  3. Zannah

    Holly, don’t worry about it. 🙂 Let me know how Dirt Music goes, ’cause I really would like to try another.

    Mom, you’re right, I know you’re right.

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