Lunges make your butt sore

Mine, anyway.  Thought you should know.  I did some lunges after my run yesterday morning, not even that many, and today I can hardly sit.  It’s the act of sitting (and then standing up again) that kills.  And forget stairs.  I’m crawling up them.

After buying a bunch of books at Borders on Saturday, we felt we needed more, so we went to the used bookstore in Reston this afternoon.  I like that store, and we always find books we want, but every time we go I feel like I’m missing something, like I didn’t look everywhere I could for a particular book.  I think it’s because the shelves go so high I can’t read the titles on the topmost rows.  The book I’ve been looking for, THE BOOK (there are about 12 of those at any given time), could be up there, and I’d never know.  Tragic.


  1. Zannah

    It’s the impression I get when I look at the shelves (and the stacks of books on the floor). The books are mostly organized by genre (good luck finding regular fiction, though – that’s split into popular fiction and good reading. You have to check both sections.), and within each genre, they’re only kind of alphabetized. Mostly, all the A’s are together and all the B’s are together (mostly), but within the letter, they’re not alphabetized.

    So, yeah, I assume the books aren’t catalogued. Maybe next time I’ll ask.

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