So relaxed

I’ve only been home for about half an hour, but I feel as relaxed as if I just got out of the bathtub.  Maybe because I don’t have to do anything else tonight?  I went to the store on the way home, put the groceries away, fed the dogs, rescued my rosemary plant (needed more soil), sliced a baguette, and put chili on the stove to heat up.  I think it’s the music.  Tonight, the first thing I did when I got home was turn the stereo on.  Loud.  (Not wake-the-neighbors loud, but louder than background music.)  I’m listening to this CD I bought a while back when I was looking for relaxation stuff, and I usually listen to it while I’m taking a bath (Aha!  The bath connection!).  Mozart for Morning Meditation.  I love it.  (The link is for the MP3 download.)

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