It’s not cool to complain about work all the time.

Grumble grumble work grumble grumble.  I had a nice afternoon all planned out.  I was going to be home from DC a little after four, take advantage of the nice weather to walk the dogs, all the while relaxing and enjoying myself and NOT thinking about work, and then I was going to go to my Muscle Blast class at the gym.  Instead, on our drive back from DC, the world exploded (where world = system I support for work) and I spent my pleasant two hours at home on the computer, on the phone, planning out how to contain the explosion.  I did still go to my class, where from the minute I walked in, it didn’t even occur to me to think about work (which was an unexpected bonus – I didn’t realize my head was so clear until I got back home and remembered work).  Unfortunately, because the world exploded this afternoon (see previous definition), I have a conference call at 8:30.

Dinner will have to be quick.

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