Little bits of sunshine

Work has been hard, and I’m not looking forward to going.  This morning, I found myself trying to find a day in the next week or so when I can call in sick.

I’m about to leave the house, and when I leaned forward just a few minutes ago to shut down my laptop, I saw lots of cheerful little rainbows on the wall in front of me.  The buttons on my sweater are beveled glass, and the sunlight must be coming in the window at just the right angle to refract (it’s refraction, right?  It’s been a while.) through them.  Made me feel a little better.


  1. IBCRandy

    I think it’s still reflection. Refraction is when light bends due to passing through mediums of different density. However that is generally what makes the rainbow effect as well, so maybe it’s a combination of both? Are the buttons in question glass with mirrored (or similarly reflective) backs? Or are they just not flat?

    Side note: in one of my 3D programming classes I had in college I had a Chinese professor (who was hilarious) and one day while discussing this he wrote on the board “Reflection Refraction” and then pointed at them alternating, saying each and it sounding exactly the same due to his accent. He was basically saying refraction each time. Then he turned to the class and said “Chinese people have hard time with ‘L’ and ‘R'”. I loved that guy. He also talked about how he always wanted to be a cowboy a lot. Good old Frank.

  2. Zannah

    I think they must have mirrored backs, but I’m not sure.

    My Chinese professors (in this case Chinese professors who taught Chinese – not that I learned any) were funny, too, but usually not on purpose. They were brothers named George and Joseph. Not that we called them that.

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