‘Tis the season…

…for things to get stuck in trees.  At the corner of the park down the street, a kite.  Makes sense.  Kites, trees – there’s a connection.  A few streets over, a tree in somebody’s front yard has a football stuck at the very top.  About halfway up in the same tree, a tennis ball is wedged in the junction where a branch meets the trunk.  As I walked by, three boys came tumbling out the front door with a mini Nerf football, arguing about whose aim was better.  Now I know how the football and the tennis ball got stuck.  Tomorrow, I’ll probably see the Nerf football up there, too.

I’m trying to get through my to-do list, but I don’t have the motivation.  I tried today.  Called the insurance company to check on coverage.  Got frustrated and wasn’t able to mark it off my list.  I understand the necessity of menus and options when you call companies, particularly on weekends, but I really hate the ones you have to talk to.  I had to go through three minutes of “Sorry, I didn’t catch that.  Did you say medical or help?” just to find out that my insurance company’s customer service center is closed on weekends.  Tell me that up front!  I much prefer using the keypad.  Actually, I’d rather do it online, but I can’t get to that level of detail online.


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