The stuff of nightmares

We had a substitute instructor fill in for Julia (who I’ve decided I like, although not as much as Lisa) at zumba Wednesday night.  I liked her a lot (Jessica) despite her choice to wear purple from head to toe.  I mean that literally: hat, tank top, sports bra, pants, and shoes were all the same shade of purple.  Maybe I liked her partly because of that.  She was fun and energetic, so I’m sure that played a part, too.  But it was a little like dancing with a teletubby.  The purple one was Tinky-Winky, right?



Pro Tip: Don’t google pictures of Tinky Winky.  There are some super scary/disturbing pictures of teletubbies out there.  I didn’t need to see that.  Of course, they were a little disturbing from the get-go.  They have dead eyes.

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