Predictability isn’t always a bad thing

I have read all of Kate Morton’s books.  Well, I’m a quarter from the end of the only one of hers I hadn’t read, so that’s mostly true.  I have enjoyed them all, some more than others.  They’re very similar, but that’s something I kind of like about them.  They have all these twists and turns.  And with this one, I’m enjoying anticipating the twists and turns.  It’s like watching a movie, when you have to pause and say out loud (it doesn’t count if  you only think it) who you think did it or how you think it’ll turn out.  You have to call it.  I’m doing that with this book (although not out loud – the rules are different for reading), and it’s kind of fun.  I’ve already been wrong twice, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it now.  I’ll let you know.

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