Falling down laughing

I follow The Bloggess on Twitter (@thebloggess) and I have never been happier that I do than this week.  It started on Sunday, as we were traveling back from Oregon.  You may have heard about it – this showed up on Buzzfeed AND in the New York Times.  I’ll let The Bloggess tell you about it, but I’ve been reading these tweets since Sunday (and re-reading some of them over the last day or two).  I was giggling in the airport, chuckling while the plane was on the tarmac, laughing in the next airport, and I stayed up way too late after we got back (which was late to begin with) practically crying while reading them in bed.  Some of them were so funny I couldn’t read them out loud to John through the laughter.  I think they have a cumulative effect – they get funnier the more you read at one time.

A couple bunch of my favorites (that I actually favorited on Twitter so I could read them again):

funny tweet2 funny tweet1 funny tweets funny tweet3

Then there was one that I thought I favorited in Twitter, but I can’t find it, so I’ll paraphrase.  “My brother called me in a panic because he couldn’t find his phone.  I said, what did you call me on?  He hung up.”

Anyway, The Bloggess has two posts about them, and she reposted a TON of them, so you can enjoy them, too!

Post 1 and Post 2

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