I don’t need to do that again

Whoops, I missed a day.  Well, it was a busy day.  A busy weekend, really.  We spent Saturday morning cleaning up, both because it was necessary and because Sean and Emily were coming to visit, and we spent the rest of Saturday hanging out with them.  I made the worst decisions in terms of food and alcohol – let’s have salad and fish and hey, some raw oysters, and then follow it up with cream-based alcoholic beverages!  Sounds like a plan!  That combination is never a great idea, but it’s especially stupid when you have a race the next day. I woke up this morning at 6:15 seriously wondering if I would be able to run.  I could, and I did, but I wasn’t sure I’d feel well enough until I actually started running.  (I feel much better now.)

Today was the Across the Bay 10K, the race where about 30,000 runners cross the Chesapeake Bay, taking over one of the two spans of the Bay Bridge.  It’s nuts.  We were afraid it would be windy and chilly, but it was sunny and warm-ish, so yay for that.  The logistics were a nightmare: park at the stadium (we jogged there, since it’s only a little over a mile from our place), wait in line to get on a school bus to get to the start line. Run the race, finish on the eastern shore, and get on another school bus to bring us back to the stadium.  Since the eastbound span of the bridge is closed (until 2pm), the westbound span is handling two-way traffic, and it took forever to get back over the bay.  We got off the bus at the stadium and still had to walk over a mile to get back home.

We stopped for brunch at the Irish pub (John had corned beef hash, I had the andouille quiche), and we just got home, and I really want to take a shower.  So, you know, there I go.

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