AMC makes some good TV

We starting watching Halt and Catch Fire on Netflix the other day, and that’s all we’ve wanted to watch since then.  I was initially…not resistant, exactly, but not terribly enthusiastic about starting it.  Hey, a show about building computers in 1980!  Yay?  Haven’t they made this movie (the Apple/Microsoft/IBM, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates in their garages thing) over and over again?

But, wait!  It’s compelling.  The two married people actually TALK THROUGH THEIR PROBLEMS.  The sales guy is idealistic and an ENORMOUS TOOL.  The people at the company are smart and solve problems.  Everyone is mostly likeable with a little bit of horribleness or mostly horrible with a little bit of likeableness.

It’s GOOD TV.  Also, it has Lee Pace in it (cute) and the other lead actor’s name is Scoot.  How could you not watch that?

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