I started a book the other day that I am too scared to read at night.  It’s good.  During the day, I enjoy it.  At night, I get creeped out.  The worst part is that I can’t remember how I found it or WHY I picked it out.  I don’t read a lot of scary stuff.  When I put a book on my private Amazon wish list so I can buy it later, I add a note so I know where I found it or who recommended it.  I can view books I’ve purchased FROM my wish list, and I can see those comments.  But that’s not how I got this book.  I mean, yes, I ordered it from Amazon, but it was an impulse buy (where impulse means it was only $1.99).  It was never on my wish list.  Somewhere online, probably on the day I bought it, I saw this book and was inspired to buy it.  Probably on Twitter.  But that doesn’t solve WHO I heard it from or WHY I thought this scary book would be a good idea.  I mean, it is a good idea.  Just not at night.


  1. momma betty

    Reminds me of when I read The Shining. I”m sure you’ve heard the stories. Never saw the movie, never will. Nor the remake!

  2. momma betty

    I didn’t realize how scary the book I’m currently reading is until about midnight last night, about 30 minutes after Bob had gone to sleep, a sudden thunderstorm came up….and the part I was reading just started creeping me out! So I switched to something lighter until I fell asleep. From the review in the NYT, I knew it was a psychological thriller, but I didn’t need to be quite so “thrilled” in the middle of the night. Good book though. I actually bought it. It’s in my Kindle account: The Stopped Heart by Julie Myerson. I would definitely recommend it….but only for daytime reading. 🙂

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