We went hiking today!  Okay, “hiking”.  Fine.  We went for a walk.  We live at the base of Skinner Butte, and there’s a trail that winds around it to get to the top.  After more than two weeks of looking at it, we finally climbed it.  I think the walk up is prettier than the views from the top.  We’re going to have to get out of town to get the truly spectacular views.


Paths.  I love my paths.


I was waiting for something to come crawling out of this tree trunk.


Overgrown path…and I have a picture of these GIANT primordial ferns, but I get an error when I try to transfer it to my laptop, so you’ll just have to imagine the giant ferns.  I noticed that when we went hiking with Will and Christina last October.  The woods looked prehistoric.  I expected dinosaurs to come charging through.  Not so much THESE woods, but I want to get out of town again soon.

Couple of views from the top, facing south.



I think that peak is Spencer Butte, but what do I know?


  1. momma betty

    Beautiful scenes. Looking forward to seeing them in person one day. I’m relieved now that you know the way to higher ground. 🙂

    (That green growth makes my ankles feel itchy. I wonder what kind of poisonous leaves are in there?)

  2. Zannah

    Yes, my escape route has been planned out. And trust me, I’m not making my way THROUGH the green growth unless I’m wearing jeans.

  3. The Wombat

    Leaves of three… 😉

    Love the pretty path and that tree! Oh, my, there must be a large somethingorother living in there. :O

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