Every tree in Eugene drops white fluff.  Every time I go to the park (which is nearly every day), I’m dodging all the white fluff that’s floating through the air.  I don’t want it in my mouth, I don’t want to breathe it in, and I don’t want it in my eyes.  It’s EVERYWHERE.  It’s practically snowing white fluff around here.  Are cottonwoods a thing?  I think they are.  Are they a thing in Oregon?  Do they drop white fluff in the spring?

These are things Ms. Google can answer for me.  Oh, Ms. Google!  Yoohoo!

Hm.  Well, cottonwood trees are a thing, they drop white fluff everywhere, and they have them in Oregon, so I’m willing to go with that.  And it’s pretty…


  1. momma betty

    Mel has a big cherry, or maybe it’s a crabapple, tree in the middle of her front yard. Every year when it drops all its blooms it looks like a thick pink carpet spread all around it.

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