I need to buy more bookshelves!

Yesterday, we went to the Loudoun Library Foundation’s annual giant book sale with Jess and Chuck.  It was very much like the first time we went (three years ago, I think), organized and enormous.  John and I came home with close to 70 books.  And I desperately want to organize and shelve them and redo all the downstairs shelves, but I don’t have enough shelf space!  I need more bookshelves before I can put away any of the books I’ve bought in the last six months, let alone the ones we bought yesterday. Unfortunately, a trip to IKEA is not in our immediate future.  And ordering online from them is never an option.  Their shipping charges are outrageous.

John just got back from his run (I went yesterday and will probably take the dogs out later), so it’s breakfast time.  Then lots of practicing (tomorrow night is one of the last few rehearsals we’ll have) and I’ll probably go to the store.  Oh, and tomorrow I’m seeing a cornea specialist, so that should be interesting.

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