Well, I’m not going blind

I saw the cornea specialist today, and he says I have Salzmann’s degeneration.  I’ll google it tomorrow, if I have time.  It’s much more treatable than the other thing it might have been, so this is good news.  And it might not really need to be treated beyond eye drops.  We’ll see.  I’m going back in three months.

Rehearsal went pretty well tonight, and we finished early, so it’s only just now 10:30.  I have absolutely nothing to say beyond that except I’m hot and I don’t want to be awake anymore.  I know.  Exciting.

Actually, I am excited about one thing.  Maybe two things.  One, I’m about to finish my book, so I get to choose another one (yay!), and two, this is only a four-day week.  I think.  I hope.  And three (look – three things!), after this four-day (I hope I hope I hope) week and three-day weekend, we only have Monday and then a half-day of work on Tuesday before we drive to the eastern shore for the corporate conference.  Yay almost, not quite, but close enough for now vacation!

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