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It’s time to leave San Francisco.  Almost.  I’m jumping the gun a little ’cause this is the last time I’ll be able to post before actually leaving town.  I started reading Outlander the other night…I might not finish it.   Of course, my only alternatives right now are another Dean Koontz book and something short by Dorothy Sayer.  I”ll make sure I have both of those handy on the plane.  And uninterrupted reading time on the plane might be just what I need to get more involved in this book.

I got up extra early today to make sure I’d have time to pack after I got ready, and I’ve spent most of that extra time on the internet.  And that means I have to go or I’m going to be late.  Can’t be late.  If all goes well, by this time tomorrow I’ll have been home for 8 hours or so.  I hope I hope.


  1. momma betty

    Don’t leave you heart in San Francisco. Get home safe and we’ll talk tomorrow. Not going in to work, right?

    Sounds like it’s been a good trip overall.
    Love you

  2. Jessica

    I had a hard time getting into Outlander (you’re talking about the one by Diana Gabaldon, right?) I’ve read or listened to several of the books in that series and I find listening to it easier than reading it. And good grief, does she overdo the sex in every single one of those books. Drives me nuts. I’m just not that interested in the details of anyone else’s sex life, fictional or otherwise.

  3. Zannah

    I didn’t get to see enough of the city to fall in love with it, but I could see it happening.

    Jess, that’s exactly the one I’m talking about, and the writing is mostly why I’m having a hard time getting into it. I can totally see what you mean about being able to listen to it, rather than read it. I really am considering giving up on it.

  4. momma betty

    I tried to read one of her books many, many years ago and had a similar reaction: soft porn! Barely. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But not what I was looking for.

  5. bobs

    Haven’t read any good soft porn in a while. Maybe I’ll look her up! Anyway, isn’t Dean Koontz of “Watchers” fame? I’ve tried several others of his, but haven’t liked anything.

  6. Zannah

    I don’t think I’d call it good soft porn, Dad. And yeah, that’s Dean Koontz. I haven’t liked any of his other books as much as I liked Watchers, but they’re usually entertaining enough, and I pretty much only read them on airplanes. The one I just read, The Taking, was not so good. And I’ll probably just put down the one I picked up last night for the flight. I didn’t get very far (way too restless on the plane – I had puzzle books and in-flight TV to help), and I just don’t care. So now that I’m home and I have all my books, I’ll find something else.

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