The Snow Also Rises

Bridget and her boy came up with much better names for the snowstorm than I did.  Actually, since Cleveland routinely gets SO MUCH MORE SNOW than we do, I’d be surprised if Cleveland residents didn’t have a system for naming snowstorms.  Kinda like how hurricanes get named.  This year they’re all named after girls.  Like Driving Miss Snowy, Snowy Poppins, and Forgetting Snowy Marshall.

I’m reaching, I know.


  1. Zannah

    That would make for much longer (and funnier) weather forecasts. “We’ll be keeping an eye on Snowstorm Killer this weekend, known as Snowstorm Murphy in the Johnson household, Snowstorm Socks in the Clinton household, and Snowstorm Son of a Bitch in the Callahan household. Stay tuned for more updates.”

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