I’m sorry, I spaced out again.

I can’t concentrate.  Not happening.  The band is rehearsing (Roxy’s fine – no more seizures today), I was trying to do a couple of things to be ready for work tomorrow, but those are going to have to wait (I’ll get in early tomorrow and do them), I’m trying to watch TV (Fringe – I’m like three episodes behind.  Speaking of TV, or movies – actresses, anyway – there’s a woman in my class this week who looks dead on like a very young (pre-Grease young) Stockard Channing.  She’s SO cute, it’s almost irritating.  Why can’t I be that cute?)), and I can barely keep a thought in my head long enough to write it down.  I certainly can’t write a coherent sentence (as I found out after re-reading that one).  I’m not even sure I can call that a style choice.  It’s just messy.  And not coherent.  Which I already said.


My lack of concentration led me to stalk the Internet, and I’m sorry, Bloggess, but I think you need to move in next door to me.  Yesterday’s post made me howl.  (With laughter, not pain.  In case that needed to be explained.  Shouldn’t by now.  In fact, your assumption whenever I mention the Bloggess should be that I’ve fallen out of my chair from laughing so hard.)

I’m going to put the computer down and try to finish this episode of Fringe.  Then?  Bed.


  1. and I mean that in the non-creepiest way possible.

    p.s. I just tried to put this comment on your blog 2 seconds after the last one and your blog told me to slow down. Classic.

  2. Broken Hamster Femur

    Warning – do NOT read that Bloggess post whilst at work; and closing your door does NOT muffle gaffaws.

  3. Broken Hamster Femur As Well

    …I am also now aware that the phrase “so I decided to [verb] because I’d had too much to drink and no one was here to tell me this was a bad idea” describes a frighteningly large amount of my life…

  4. Zannah

    Sadly, I don’t live in New Braunfels. Sigh…one dream dashed. I’ll have to look elsewhere for funny neighbors. 🙂

    Hamster, if they catch you laughing, just tell them you have a disorder that’s kind of like narcolepsy except with laughter instead of sleeping. Or like Tourette’s! 🙂

    Tokenblogger, I like the floating names, too. I like when they’re over the locations, rather than in front of them. Maybe it’s a silly thing to pay attention to, but I like it.

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