1. ibcRandy

    I don’t know how long you’re going to be in Atlanta, but two places you should definitely check out:

    1 – Little Five Points and specifically The Junkman’s Daughter. It’s a very artsy eclectic area. It’s always around Halloween when I’m down there for the Decatur Beer Festival, so it’s a little extra festive around then, but it’s still a neat area year round. Just don’t go into the Vortex no matter how tempting the giant skull door looks. The hostess there is a tiny jerk.

    2 – The Brick Store. It’s a pub, but one of the best pubs I’ve been to outside of England (and frankly nicer than most I had been to in England). It’s huge, fairly nice, and has a Belgian bar on the 2nd floor. The fish and chips are fantastic, and it’s all of a 2 minute walk from the Decatur Marta stop. Actually quite a few decent restaurants right around that stop as well.

  2. ibcRandy

    Addendum: If you’re going to little five points, don’t get it confused with five point. They are two different places. I think the closest Marta stop from little five points is something like .5 – 1 miles away.

  3. Zannah

    I’ve got this week and next week (with a weekend home in between), so I’ve got time. And I’ll have a Friday night here next week, so I’ll check out the pub then. Thanks for the suggestions!

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