@#!%$*&%! bugs

I don’t like bugs.  I can deal with a few kinds, the harmless ones, like lightning bugs, ladybugs, ants (NOT the flying ones), bees, roly-polies, beetles, etc., but there are some others that freak me the hell out.  Take this morning, for instance.  I got up at 5:30 and headed for the bathroom.  While I was in there, I saw something scurry towards my feet.  It was over an inch long and moving pretty quickly, and while I wasn’t happy to see it, I assumed it was a cockroach.  Gross and disturbing, yes, but still harmless.  I didn’t have my contacts in yet, so I leaned down, just a little, to see what it was, and I saw legs.  Lots and lots of legs.  I jumped back a little.  Centipedes are HIGH on my list of bugs that scare me.  Cockroaches – not scary.  So I backed off and watched the damn thing scuttle off into the corner behind the toilet and climb up the wall.  And by “watched”, I mean “stared”.  I didn’t take my eyes off it.  It climbed to the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling, and then it sort of turned, and then?  It fell.  Off the wall.  And it fell fast.  (Yeah, I know, gravity.  Shut up.)  Maybe it jumped.  Either way, the speed with which it got a whole lot closer to me freaked me the hell out and I RAN out of the bathroom and vaulted onto the bed.  So I’m standing in the middle of this king-size bed, breathing hard, watching the doorway of the bathroom like a hawk and what do I see?  That’s right, the *&#^%# centipede came after me!  Well, it left the bathroom and went behind the door to the living area.  And that’s the last place I saw it.  IN MY BEDROOM, between the door and the wall.  It took a lot of convincing to get myself back into the bathroom to take a shower this morning, and I had to put my contacts so I could keep watch for it more effectively.  You know, actually be able to see if something’s coming after me.  What if there are more?  I don’t know how I’m going to manage to sleep tonight.  Atlanta, you just lost points with me.  Irrational?  Maybe.  So what?

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  1. Sean Tapeed

    That’s gross – I’ve heard that centipedes like to hide in laptops cause they’re warm.

    …did you leave your lap top out last night? Just sayin’…

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