1. Just grow some awesome weeds in your yard and that will keep the bunnies entertained. They just munch away on dandelion greens and never bother our veggie garden.

  2. momma betty

    You could grow a dandelion bed for the bunnies. Trouble is, when they go to seed, they blow everywhere. Hmmm. But if you snipped the blooms before they go to seed, you should be ok!

  3. Jessica

    Bunnies don’t like arugula. At least mine don’t. Or peas. They like everything else in my garden, but they leave those alone.

  4. Sunfall

    I like Lawrence Block, too. Well, I like the Burgler books. (Bernie Rhodenbar) I have not read any of his more poplar series.

  5. Zannah

    I try to get rid of dandelions when I see them, but I might try arugula. Aesthetically, though, I think I need something kinda tall to replace the black-eyed susans.

    So far I’ve read one of the Bernie Rhodenbarr books (loved it) and one of the Matthew Scudder books. The Scudder book was gritty and dark and disturbing. Very good, too, but not at all like the Burglar books.

  6. You Stoo-pid Bun-nies!

    We’ve only ever had success with catnip, weeds and an evil grapevine that continuously threatens to take over the world. Then the garden became the dog’s energy outlet (digdigdigdigdig) so we don’t worry about bunnies so much since there will never be anything there they wanna eat. Speaking of dogs, how lame are Roxie and Riley if they can’t even scare off a few rabbits? 🙂

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