Please don’t mention Lost to me

I thought we were only two episodes behind on Lost, but we checked the DVR today and found out we’re THREE behind.  So we started watching.  And now we’re one and a half behind.  We might finish tonight, might finish tomorrow, so until I say it’s clear, don’t talk about it where I can hear.  Or read.  Pretty please?  I’ve avoided every article, every show, every website that even hints at being about Lost, so I really don’t know anything about how it ends.

My wacky neighbor with the electric lawn mower is at it again, mowing his backyard in long khaki pants, with what looks like 50 feet of extension cord connecting him to the house.  At least he’s wearing a t-shirt this time instead of a button-down.

Roxy had another seizure last night around 9:40, her third in less than 36 hours, but nothing since then.  An appointment with a doggie neurologist is probably in our future, but we’re not completely convinced it’ll be worth the $275 fee.


We didn’t finish Lost.  Probably will tomorrow.  We did finish The Pacific, though.  John wants to buy the books by Sledge and Leckie tomorrow.


  1. momma betty


  2. so I’m like 3 seasons behind in lost. And I plan to someday catch up. so I’m not going to be able to read anything you write about lost in the next week.

  3. Zannah

    I made one general comment in the post right after this one, and that’s all I’ll say on the subject. You’re safe from spoilers here. At least from me. I’ll try to keep the comments safe, too. 🙂

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