Possibly the last post about getting rid of cable. I promise. Maybe. Probably.

You know, the cable company sucks.  It doesn’t matter which cable company.  They all suck.  I really don’t get how they get away with being the only game in town.  How can there not be competing cable companies in every neighborhood?  How is this not a monopoly?  Anyway, I called to cancel our service today, all excited that our cable bill is about to drop by $120, only to find out that internet by itself costs more than internet with cable.  Why?  Because.  Sure, it’s only $15 more than I was expecting to be paying for internet only, and yeah, that’s hardly anything, and yes, we’ll still be saving $105 dollars a month (except it’s really $100 because the cable modem costs $5 a month to rent, and yes, I know, we could buy one), but come ON.  Why be a jerk about it, Comcast?  Why put your surliest guy on the phone to handle downgrades and service discontinuations?  Do you expect your customers to come back when that guy is the last experience we have with you?  Or do you just write us off and expect to drum up new customers every time somebody moves in?

Oh, that’s exactly what you do?  Right,  ’cause there’s no other cable company in town.  Right.

But, hey, you know, whatever.  I’ve got my internet and I can watch ALL my shows right there, whenever I want.  Take THAT.  (Where “THAT” equals the money I give you every month so I can keep my internet.  Maybe I should stop yelling at the cable company.)


  1. ooooh this post came at the right time- I was ranting about Comcast to a coworker yesterday- they.are.a.monopoly! I don’t understand how and why we only have one choice and that choice sucks. I feel your pain, Zannah!

  2. momma betty

    Z, I think I asked you earlier how you would be getting your broadband. I thought John had some secret extraterrestrial (boy, does that word look wrong!) means of obtaining it. I knew that you pay almost as much for just broadband as you do for broadband plus TV. It is a racket. John, overcome this and you’ll be be a billionaire…..and thus be able to put your MIL into the most luxurious nursing home in the world!

  3. IBCRandy

    I believe cable companies are granted local monopolies by the city because back when they were rolling out cable they claimed it would be too expensive to run cables and not profitable enough if they had competing cable providers in the same area.

    From Wikipedia: “Many cable systems operate as local monopolies in the United States, as only one cable company typically receives the right to serve a region as a result of a franchise agreement with a local government.”

    You just unfortunately have one of the worst cable companies available. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything good about Comcast (and quite a bit bad, what with traffic throttling and the 250GB bandwidth cap that went into effect 2 years ago). We have insight here in Lex and are very very happy with them. They upgraded everyone from 6 Mbps connections to 10 Mbps connections for no extra fee, and even offer a 20 mbps connection. They rock. 🙂

  4. IBCRandy

    I think I’m more saying you should move somewhere that isn’t Comcast (and I hear Time Warner kinda sucks too). So anywhere NOT served by those two.

  5. momma betty

    Why do you need a map? You already know that Lexington, Louisville, and Shelbyville have Insight. What more do you need to know? (And the house next door is for sale.) Just sayin’…….

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