Follicle wars

I have rogue eyelashes.  They grow in weird directions and attack my eyes in the middle of the night.  When I woke up this morning (you were on my mi-i-i-i-ind), my left eye was tearing up like crazy and it was kinda swollen.  Putting my contacts in was impossible, and it didn’t get better after a shower, so rather than fight it all day long, I worked from home and made an appointment to see my eye doctor (who is the wife of my dentist – they share a practice).  She said my eye was irritated because my eyelashes are poking (and scratching) my cornea (again – this happened about six months ago), and there really isn’t anything I can do about it other than see her every six months or so.  She can pluck eyelashes I can’t even see.  I don’t get how this happens overnight.  What about yesterday?

Also, I feel a little like a wuss for staying home from work because of my eyelashes.  A lot like a wuss.


  1. Zannah

    Rogue chin hairs (which, thankfully, I do not have) might not hurt as much. More visible and annoying, but less painful.

    Holly, I’ve been using clear mascara to sort of glue my eyelashes in the right direction(which is kinda working). I probably should try eyelash curlers, but the issue seems to be more about teeny, tiny, short eyelashes that mascara (or a curler, probably) can’t reach.

    Very weird, very annoying.

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