Time to visit the car doctor

Wish my car good luck, please.  It’s been making noises (squeaky belt kind of noises) for a couple of weeks, and then a kind of ticking sound started this morning, in time with the belt noise, and John decided that sounded like imminent failure.  I’m not sure what’s about to fail, but I’m dropping the car off at the place tomorrow morning.  I also want to have the alignment checked, since it feels off and my near-accident last Friday couldn’t have helped things.  (Some guy swerved into my lane out of nowhere (and at high speed).  I swerved violently up the curb and onto the median.  There was a very loud noise when my tire hit the curb, but no obvious damage.  The guy sped off – I’m not sure he even noticed he almost hit me.)  I wonder if insurance will cover damage from avoiding an accident.

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