Same old

It’s that time again: time to pick a new book.  But it’s bedtme and I’m sleepy, so I’m going to put it off until tomorrow.  Which really means tomorrow after work.  Why do I even want to put it off?  I certainly don’t want to NOT read something.

I have made this complaint before.  No more.

Hey, my company offered Molly the job she interviewed for, and she’s accepting it!  That’ll be interesting.  Good, but interesting.  More to come as the story unfolds.  Or however that goes.

You know what’s cool?  My keyboard.  It lights up.  See?


Yeah, that’s a great picture.  I’m on a roll tonight.  I should definitely keep writing random stuff and then trailing off without any attempt to make it interesting.  Yup.  That’s what I should do.

Oh, wait!  I know what I’m reading next.  Finally, I have purpose!  Energy renewed, off to start a new book.  (Is this my process?  Kind of irritating.  Thanks for wading it through it!)


  1. As usual, we took the car in for one thing, and they found 3 other things that they want us to fix. At the top of the list was the tire that was damaged when Zannah swerved to avoid the accident. We ended up having 2 tires replaced and the alignment adjusted.

    But that’s not what we went in there for. The serpentine belt and tensioner need to be replaced, but that’s a relatively easy repair. Rather than pay them a few hundred dollars on top of what we already had to pay for the new tires, I’ll do the repair myself when we get back from Kentucky on Sunday afternoon.

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