All I can do is complain

This is a problem.  But I need to get it out of my system.  Feel free to skip this post.  EVERYTHING SUCKS.  That’s a little harsh.  LOTS OF THINGS SUCK.  I have to get up absurdly early (5am is absurdly early) to get to work, where I have to stand all day in dress shoes (I’m going shopping this weekend for better shoes), and the only time I have to run is in the evening, which sucks both because I ache from standing all day and because it’s been unseasonably warm these last few days, and running in the heat is NO FUN.  The weather will cool off around Friday, so I have that to look forward to.  But I didn’t get home until after 6, and I didn’t get back from my run until almost 8, so we only just finished dinner (it’s 8:45), and it’s basically time for me to go to bed (after I shower) so I can get up at 5am tomorrow and do it all over again.  THIS SUCKS.  And the alternative to the DC commute thing is to be out of town for weeks and weeks on end.  NOT OKAY.

There is one thing I can do to try to make things better, and that particular thing will start happening over the weekend.  And next week.  Soon.  I just don’t expect change to happen quickly.  UGH!

Well.  I feel better.  Thanks!


  1. Enraged Llama

    Oh, mysterious! What is this one thing?

    Commutes suck. If you like, you can share a room with Alex at our place during the week.

  2. Zannah

    Anonymous, if you register with the site and then log in, you do not have to fill out that form every time you comment.

    Wombat, I do have some public transportation options (commuter bus and metro), but they both add time to the commute (in the case of the metro, at least another hour) that I’d rather spend not commuting. 🙂 I did pick up a book on CD over the weekend, so at least I can “read” during the drive.

    Enraged Llama, Alex probably isn’t old enough to get excited about sleepovers. 🙂 She’d be more likely to run screaming from the stranger in her room (as she should). But I appreciate the offer.

    The one thing I could do is the sort of thing you don’t talk about on your public website when you plan to stay gainfully employed.

    It’s funny…I could handle the commute if I didn’t have to stand all day, and I could handle the standing all day (I think) if I didn’t have to commute so far. The combination of the two is what is stressing me out, I think.

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