Stocking up on Easter candy

John has a weakness for Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Since Easter candy started showing up in stores, I’ve bought a handful every week for him.  I figured today would be the last day to get any (and Wegman’s was, for once, a disappointment – no Easter candy in sight!), so after the grocery store, I headed to CVS to add a few more to the stockpile.  An employee met me at the door, directed me to the candy aisle, and then helped me find the last Cadbury display.  John owes that guy.  His stash of creme eggs should last him quite a while.

We watched Up last night.  Such a good movie.  I don’t know what took us so long to see it.  I need to add all Pixar movies to my birthday list.  We have a couple (Toy Story, The Incredibleslove The Incredibles), but I’d like to have the others.  We’re watching Inkheart right now.  Well, we were watching it, but we took a break ’cause John’s mom called.  I’d never heard of it, but we noticed it on HBO yesterday, and it has Paul Bettany in it (we like him), so we recorded it.  It’s…entertaining.  Not good.  Kinda dumb brain candy.  Paul Bettany’s good in it.  🙂  Huh.  I just looked it up at and found out that the woman playing Brendan Fraser’s wife was Colin Firth’s girlfriend in Love Actually.  The one who cheats on him.  Hate her.  Who would cheat on Colin Firth?  She must be stupid.  (And fictional.  What’s your point?)


  1. mel

    We finally watched Fantastic Mr. Fox last night. Loved it. Same feel as all the other Wes Anderson movies, which we love, except it’s such cool animation. Very funny, very entertaining.

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